Best Practices for Correct Pronoun Use in Hiring

If you want to hire the best talent, you need to ensure that you're addressing candidates in a way that makes them feel included and respected. 

Areas where pronouns come up during the hiring process include:

  • Job descriptions
  • Company profiles
  • Job titles
  • Candidate interviews
  • Correspondence with candidates

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What makes us different?

We partner with our clients to become an embedded part of their team and tackle their long-term talent challenges. We're driven to continue improving ourselves and our offering to build a world class business that people love being a part of.

We provide our clients with the team, marketing and expertise. Our flexible approach means that clients can scale up or their team of recruiters for periods of fast growth or reduce the size of team when needed. 

  • Data driven decision making: we collect data as often as we can to better understand the value that we're bringing including time and cost of hire, NPS, and DE&I

  • Amazing recruiters build amazing teams: We hire the very best recruiters in the world and then pour in investment to make sure that they succeed and love working with us

  • A truly diverse team to add to yours: We practice what we preach and are building a company that's inclusive and diverse. We have a team that's 52% female, 15% from ethnic minorities, and 12 nationalities

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