WEBINAR: Hiring for potential

(originally on Thursday 10th December)

Hiring for potential (1)

Join Instant Impact and a panel of experts to learn how to make hiring decisions based on the potential of a candidate, and the likelihood that they'll succeed at your company.

There's mounting evidence showing that the specific experience is much less predictive of their in-role performance than previously assumed.

This pandemic has taught us that, to thrive in our rapidly changing workplace, we need to be agile and adapt. It's often most important to be able to learn quickly, after all, skills can be picked up but drive, motivation and personality cannot be taught.

Making hiring decisions based on a candidate's qualities and characteristics allows us to tap into more diverse talent pools, different industries, and candidates that would previously have been overlooked. 

This interactive session covers everything from the benefits of shifting your mindset to methodologies that you can adopt to be successful.

Who should watch: 

  • HR Directors 
  • Hiring Managers
  • Recruitment Directors 

Please be informed that we will be sharing your data with The Chemistry Group who are our co-host for this webinar