WEBINAR: Improving Inclusion in the Workplace

(originally held on 4th August)



Inclusion Webinar

Following the success of our recent webinar on Driving Diversity Through Recruitment, this webinar focuses on how to create an inclusive culture in your business. Our speakers outline the challenges that many companies face as well as the interplay between Diversity and Inclusion.

Our principal speaker, Frank Douglas, has been recognised as one of the most 'Influential HR Directors in the UK' having been the only BAME male Group HR Director in the FTSE 100 and 250 and served six years as a (first ethnic minority) Non-Executive Director of the CIPD. In September 2018, Frank was named by the HR Most Influential panel as one of the top five ‘movers and shakers’ for his consulting work in culture and inclusion.

Our second speaker, Celia Fraser, is a Business Intelligence and Strategy Lead for Capital Group. As a 2020 Yahoo Finance Top 100 Ethnic Minority Role Model, Celia is passionate about diversity and inclusion and dedicates time and effort both inside and outside the workplace to advance racial equity.

Together we covered: 

  • Steps to build an inclusive workplace and culture
  • How to measure success
  • Structural challenges that black employees can face in the workplace
  • Measures to take that can counter these challenges