WEBINAR: How to build a high performing in-house recruitment team

(originally on 21st October)

How to build an in-house rec team

Whether you already have an in-house recruitment team but they haven't had the impact on diversity, quality of hires, and cost of hire that you were hoping or if you don't yet have your own team - this webinar is for you! 

The world of talent acquisition is changing rapidly (sped up by COVID) and companies should be thinking hard about where and how they source new hires. 

In-house recruitment and diversity experts, Instant Impact, run through the core elements that make successful internal recruitment functions tick in today's employment market. 

Drawing on years of experience running recruitment functions at some of the most successful medium-sized businesses in the UK we run through everything from what makes a successful internal recruiter through to management styles and what technology is most effective. 

Who should watch: 

  • HR Directors 
  • Finance Directors
  • CFOs
  • Recruitment Directors