WEBINAR: How to create a truly inclusive business

(originally on Tuesday 15th June 2021)

How to create a truly inclusive business - Webinar (3)

A lot of businesses have been taking great strides over the past year in the way they think about diversity. As they get better at attracting, assessing and ultimately hiring candidates from different backgrounds, it's critical that those new hires can succeed and bring diversity of thought to their new organisations.  

In this webinar we will do a deep dive into inclusion and investigate how companies can set a more diverse workforce up for success because “diversity doesn’t stick without inclusion.”

HR and People teams play a significant role in creating an inclusive workplace culture and this webinar will outline how a truly inclusive business can be created.

We will cover - 

  • What does inclusion really mean / how do we define inclusion?
  • The risks of achieving diversity without inclusion
  • Why is inclusion important in the workplace
  • How to measure success - how do you know you have a truly inclusive business?