WEBINAR: Harnessing the potential of youth in growth businesses

(originally on Wednesday 12th May)

with guest speakers:

- Lara Montefiori, Chief Science Officer, Arctic Shores

- Esther Odejimi-Uzokwe, Programme Director, 10,000 Black Interns

- Jack Parsons, Chief Executive Officer, The Youth Group 



Potential of youth webinar-3

Millennials and Gen Z make up more and more of the workforce so it is crucial that organisations carefully consider how they are attracting the new generation of leaders. The pandemic has shifted the foundations of Early Career hiring and the challenges and opportunities that businesses face.

This pandemic has taught us that, to thrive in our rapidly changing workplace, we need to be agile and adapt. It's often most important to be able to learn quickly, after all, skills can be picked up but drive, motivation and personality cannot be taught.

This interactive session covers everything from the benefits of shifting your mindset to methodologies that you can adopt to be successful.

We will be joined by The Youth Group, a youth first business that provides young people with the tools they really need to get ahead and grow in work.