WEBINAR: The harsh reality of hybrid working

(originally on Tuesday  2nd November)

The harsh reality of hybrid working

Since the pandemic, businesses have had to reconsider their approach to remote working. And now with the job market being extremely competitive, job seekers have more choice; giving them the power to be selective and choose an employer that matches their values. One of the main things that job seekers are looking for at the moment is flexibility. 

If business leaders fail to consider a hybrid model then they risk being left behind and missing out on top talent. That being said, leaders need to successfully navigate this change and to be aware of the realities of hybrid working so that they can choose the best model for them and set their employees up for success. 

To provide a better understanding of the realities and risks, we were joined by Smith & Williamson, a leading provider of investment management, accountancy, tax, corporate and financial advisory services. In the webinar, David from Smith & Williamson does a deep dive into a variety of issues that must be considered by companies when they adopt a hybrid / flexible model. 

We were also joined by Marguerite who covered the employment law side of this discussion. 

If you want to get the most out of your hybrid working model, watch the webinar below!