ON DEMAND WEBINAR: What does company culture mean in a remote / hybrid world?


Hosted at 10am on Wednesday 22nd June 2022

“Culture impacts all aspects of a business. Everything from engagement and productivity to collaboration and decision-making can be traced back to the health of your organisation’s culture.” Rhett Power, Forbes, May 2022

Company culture has always been important  but with many companies now having a fully remote or hybrid model, culture looks different now than it did 10 years ago. 

In order to create a remote culture companies have to go the extra mile, they need to put more effort into ensuring that all employees feel both engaged and connected. In addition to that, HR and business leaders have an opportunity to take a step back and reassess what an amazing culture looks like in 2022. Before the pandemic company culture could just mean having a few drinks after work on a Friday but now employees want more from their employers. Culture involves a range of different things including:

  • Wellbeing
  • L&D
  • Flexible working
  • Connection 
  • Communication 
  • Inclusion
  • Values & mission

We are thrilled to have been joined by Oliver Taylor from Flexa. Flexa provide much needed transparency in the job hunting process by verifying companies as truly flexible. Companies are benchmarked against tens of thousands of data points to ensure that they are truly flexible places to work.

We think that company culture is more important now than ever and will ultimately impact whether your team want to stay at your company or leave to find somewhere better.

Get expert advice on how to sustain a thriving company culture while working in a hybrid world.