WEBINAR: The Challenges and Benefits of Recruiting in a Global Market

(originally on Tuesday 12th April 2022)

The Challenges and Benefits of Recruiting in a Global Market

Instant Impact were joined by expert guests to discuss what leading companies are doing to tap into global talent pools!

To navigate this new world of work, organisations need to change up their hiring strategies. One of the ways to do this is to go global. These days all you need is a laptop and a fast internet connection and often that’s easier to find in Bali than in Brighton!

Expanding internationally comes with so many opportunities and benefits:

  • Improve diversity and with that diversity of thought
  • Uncover a vast talent pool
  • Build an international employer brand
  • Expand into a new market with new customers
  • Improve employee engagement by increasing flexibility with Work from Anywhere policies

However, there are also challenges to building a global workforce and HR teams need to be aware of them. Omnipresent support businesses by making it easy to hire, pay, and support global teams. Alex from Omnipresent joined us to share the common international hiring misconceptions and mistakes! 

We were also joined by Eva Spexard, Head of HR at Passion. Passion's mission is to give people the power to have more impact with their skills, and make the world more confident and passionate. They are scaling rapidly and all of their positions are remote. 

If you want to build a global workforce and set your company up for success then watch the webinar below!