WEBINAR: Values, culture and the role of HR in a remote workforce

(originally on 3rd December)



Remote working Webinar (2)

Join Instant Impact and our expert panel for a discussion on how remote working will change the game for HR professionals.

We explore how to create a remote workplace that is positive, supportive and engaging as well as HR's pivotal role in 2021 and beyond. 

This year we've seen HR professionals come into their own in reacting to new obstacles and rapidly rewriting some long established processes from performance management to hiring.  

Next year we can play an even bigger role - tackling a new remote workplace, taking advantage of the opportunities that presents, and writing the rulebook as we go. 

Whether you're coming for new ideas or to challenge your existing strategy there should be something for everyone as we discuss benefits, challenges, and practical tips. 

We are thrilled that we were joined by Achievers who's award-winning employee voice and recognition solution creates a workplace environment that accelerates employee engagement and performance — every single day.

Who should watch:

  • HR Directors
  • HR Managers

Please be informed that we will be sharing your data with Achievers who are our co-host for this webinar