WEBINAR: Preparing for the future of work post-lockdown: from mental health to employee engagement

(originally held on 29th July) 



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The coronavirus crisis has affected everyone in a multitude of ways. As a result, over the past 3 months people have had to adapt to life in lockdown and everything that comes with it. With more than one in four people in the UK on furlough, and those who have continued to work having to adjust to working from home, to say that life has changed drastically would be an understatement. So what happens now that lockdown is easing?

Employers shouldn’t underestimate how disruptive returning to work can and probably will be. We investigate and discuss the key considerations that employers should take before re-opening their office as usual. We also know how stressful and uncertain a time it is for employers and those in HR, as there’s no blueprint or rulebook for getting this right. That’s why forums to idea-share such as this are more important than ever.


This webinar includes: 

  • Practical tips for 're-boarding' employees
  • Examples of how employers can best support their employees
  • The effect that post-lockdown can have on your mental health
  • Firsthand experience and example of how Red Bull are preparing for their return to work post-lockdown