WEBINAR: Attracting diverse talent

(originally on 7th October)



Attracting diverse talent (1)

This webinar delves straight into the specifics of how to improve diversity. Firstly, we hear from WhiteHat about how apprenticeships can be used to establish the roots of diversity within an organisation. Secondly, we discuss how leading FinTech businesses like Habito are succeeding despite hiring from talent pools that are traditionally homogenous. 

Finally, Instant Impact provide practical advice on how different tactics have been successful at widening talent pools and attracting new talent across different Talent Partnerships.

The six steps that we cover are: 

  • Removing barriers
  • Job board strategy
  • The right partners
  • Actively headhunting
  • Early career focus
  • Employer brand

Please be informed that we will be sharing your data with Whitehat who are our co-host for this webinar